Installing the app for the first time

1. Please install the app in the Shopify App Store.

2. Once installed, you must wait 1-12 hours for the app to initialize and sync with Shopify. We're limited by Shopify on how quickly we can sync with your store.

Creating Your First Ruleset

1. Click the link 'Add ruleset' on the top right nav-menu.

2. Fill out all the required fields based on what type of products you want automatically discount (based on not having any sales in X days).

3. Click the 'SAVE' button at the bottom to save the new ruleset.

4. We have a cronjob that automatically processes the rules daily. but you can also manually process it by going to the actions dropdown on the top right of the ruleset page and pressing "Process Rules"

How to view the products that are being discounted?

1. Open up the dashboard by clicking the 'dashboard' link on the left navigation menu. All the active product/variant discounts will show up there. They are sortable by different fields like 'Date of the last sale'.